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Instead of using a centrifugal or piston-type compressor, the Linear Engine-based U.S. Megawatts Generator employs a twin-screw multistage compressor whose specifications confirm that 20% of the Linear Engine’s gross power output will be consumed by the parasitic load of the screw compressor.

This equals half of the parasitic energy needed to compress air in  a typical Gas Turbine engine that costs twice as much.

With its natural gas-fueled 1-MW to 100-MW Linear Engine-powered electric generators expected to cost half the price of an equivalent-sized Gas Turbine generator, U.S. Megawatts expects to attract the interest of, and sign purchase orders with, the major Electric Utility, Natural Gas utility and QF decision-makers who can make more money selling electricity from a $50-million 100-MW Linear Engine Generator facility compared to a $100-million 100-MW Gas Turbine Generator facility.

Linear Engines can burn natural gas to heat large volumes (1000s of CFM) of high-pressure (1500 psi) compressed air, which pushes wide-bore (12-24  inch diameter)  Linear Pistons with long strokes (5-10 feet), at high stroke-per-minute rates (600 spm), producing the horsepower to turn 1-100-MW generators – and they can do all this at half the cost of competing, complicated Gas Turbine engine generators.

Linear Engine-based MW-sized U.S. Megawatts Generators can be sold to and installed in:

(1)    New 100+MW power plants,

(2)    Old Coal-fueled power plants that want to convert to Natural Gas, and

Local Businesses connected to a Natural Gas Meter, who want to save money on their largest expense (Energy) by generating their own power, on-site, with a     1-10-MW U.S. Megawatts Generator     (at a cost-per-kWh less than they currently pay the local Utility).

Efficient engines ever tested, it only has the potential to become a new technology standard for 21st Century natural gas-fueled engines and electric generators:  because it is smaller in size and lower in cost than competing Gas Turbine and Recip Engines.

  • The U.S. Megawatts Generator is less than half the size of an equivalent MW-output Gas Turbine
  • The U.S. Megawatts Generator is less than half the cost of an equivalent MW-output Gas Turbine

And therein lies the billion-dollar market opportunity for Linear Engine-based MW-sized U.S. Megawatts Generators – a better product at a lower price than its Gas Turbine competitors.

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